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Authenticity is a core part of Orri’s philosophy. Our blog is a place to share news and updates on Orri, but most importantly, discuss important topics in relation to eating disorders and recovery.

Men get eating disorders too.

Visit an eating disorders clinic today and you’re likely to find that one in ten patients is male. Outside of medical settings, however, that number is thought to be far higher. Anecdotal evidence suggests that, of those living with an eating disorder in the UK, three...

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Why care in the community can save both money and lives.

Anita’s daughter Lucy started showing the signs of Anorexia Nervosa at 16. She sought help from her GP but there was no specialist treatment option available, only cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and Lucy wasn’t deemed “thin enough” for hospitalization. For men...

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When should you access support for an eating disorder?

Eating disorders can be extremely isolating; trapping the sufferer in a cycle of shame and guilt associated with their behaviours. We understand how difficult it is to address concerns with a loved one, however, noticing signs and symptoms and having a conversation...

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Eating disorders are not about the food.

When someone is suffering from an eating disorder, it’s hard to imagine that it’s not about the food. Here, Orri’s team explain why food is not the problem, rather, it’s a symptom of underlying causes. Follow Orri on Instagram Follow Orri on Twitter Like Orri on...

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What does a Family Therapist do?

Karen Carberry is Orri’s Consultant Family Therapist with over twenty years’ experience. Her job is deeply complex and involves leafing through layers of family history, going back at least three generations to identify events and behaviours that may hold the key to...

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What does a Dietitian do?

Paula Tait is a Dietitian but, contrary to what you might expect, her job is not just about food. In fact, during sessions with clients, Paula tries to minimise the amount she talks about food.Everyone at Orri eats three meals a day, plus two snacks, which provides...

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